Where Selling the OC’s Alexandra Jarvis Stands With Co-Stars

  • November 11, 2022

Alexandra Jarvis doesn’t need to revisit Selling the OC

The real estate agent, who’s already gotten into her fair share of drama at the Oppenheim Group, is reflecting on season one of the Netflix series—and why the feuding cast doesn’t exactly need a reunion just yet. 

“I did not care to have a reunion just because I feel like a lot of the relationships are so fragmented and there’s a lot of confusion amongst people, so I don’t think that a reunion would actually resolve anything,” she exclusively told E! News at Drenched OC’s grand opening celebration Nov. 10. “I don’t really feel like it would be a good use of time. We all have to work together at the end of the day, but we can just agree to disagree and move on and focus on work.”

But, during season one, work is exactly what tore Jarvis and BFF Alexandra Rose apart from the rest of the group. After agents began questioning how they got so many listings, Jarvis got into a particularly heated argument with Polly Brindle after Jarvis called Brindle “honey,” with the rest of the cast coming to Brindle’s defense.