Weird West is now playable in first-person thanks to official mod support

  • November 22, 2022

We liked the supernatural immersive sim Weird West (opens in new tab) quite a bit when it arrived earlier this year, and now it’s even better thanks to the addition of mod support in the latest patch. A handful of mods are already available for the game, including one that changes it from an isometric perspective to first person.

The “quirky” first-person mod isn’t officially supported by developer WolfEye Studios, but it was created by a Weird West developer: Joe Wintergreen, a systems designer on the game. Wintergreen said in a YouTube video that the project began with a quick first-person perspective mod that was “surprisingly cool but not particularly good,” and then got underway in earnest a few months later when WolfEye asked if he’d come back for a week or two to polish it up for release as one of Weird West’s first mods.