Walmart just restocked its $149 Apple Watch Black Friday deal

  • November 22, 2022
The Stripes face of the Apple Watch SE.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

If you’ve been looking for a great tech bargain, you’re going to love the Walmart Black Friday deals going on today. The popular retailer has started its Black Friday event a little early so shoppers can beat the rush and get the products they most want, while still benefiting from Black Friday prices. That includes being able to buy an Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) for $149, saving you $130 off the usual price of $279. While it may not be the latest technology any more, this is still one of the best Apple Black Friday deals around right now. Here’s why it’s worth it.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen)

Formerly the best Apple Watch for most people, the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) has since been overtaken by the Apple Watch SE 2 but it’s still a pretty great smartwatch. It’s possible to use the watch to track all your daily activities with Apple’s Activity Rings system always giving you a heads-up on how many calories you’ve burned, how much exercise you’ve undertaken, and how many times you’ve stood up throughout the day. It’s impressive how compelling it is to complete those rings each day with a series of awards tied into it.

The Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) tracks dozens of different workouts from runs to swimming, dancing, tai chi, and Pilates. It has a built-in compass along with its GPS so you can hike smarter with real-time elevation readings also included. It also keeps an eye on your health like the other best smartwatches around. By doing so, it gives you a heads-up on any irregular heart rhythms as well as high or low heart rates. For those moments of calm, you can also use it to sync your favorite music and podcasts, as well as take calls or reply to texts. All these features save you the need to pull your iPhone out so frequently.

Normally priced at $279, the Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) is down to just $149 right now as part of the Walmart Black Friday deals. A substantial saving of $130, this is a great time to embrace slightly older tech without missing out on key features.

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