Victoria 3 designer on why communism is OP: ‘We just implemented the mechanics the way we understood them’


In the month since the release of Paradox Interactive’s latest grand strategy game, Victoria 3 (opens in new tab), some players have struggled with one persistent issue: The communists are right. As entrenched conservative interests in their 19th-century nations prevent modernizing reforms—you know, like abolishing slavery—players start to rail against landowners, exploitative capitalists, and the Petit Bourgeoisie in rants that could have come from Marxists a century ago or today.

“I hate landowners,” wrote (opens in new tab) one player just after release. “I hate these inbred, backass backwards, slave owning, tax stealing, progress blocking, head in the sand, law hating, stupid hat wearing, anachronistic assholes, I hate Landowners.”