TikTokers Are Using Period Blood for DIY Face Masks: Experts Weigh in

  • November 30, 2022

Will using period blood as a face mask actually work?

Blair Hayes, a board-certified aesthetics physician assistant, told E! News there are several reasons why it’s a big fat no.

“Our skin barrier doesn’t allow blood to penetrate into our skin,” she explained. “It needs some form of delivery method to get past the skin barrier.”

According to the Skin By Blair Aesthetics founder, the anti-aging benefits associated with blood-derived treatments are effective if there’s some sort of injury. 

“This usually comes in the form of needles, micro-needling and lasers,” she pointed out, adding, “there are very low levels of growth factors in your blood—or platelets—which make up less than one percent of your blood. Not a very effective number!”

A platelet-derived growth factor is one of many numerous growth factors that help regulate cell growth and division. But Hayes said the reason why medical professionals spin blood is to extract the platelets, which increases the concentration.

In short, she said that “there is zero scientific evidence” behind applying “whole blood” to the face as a skincare benefit.

As Dr. Michelle Koo, a board-certified plastic surgeon, noted, “The PRP (Platelet-rich plasma injections) utilized for improving skin quality is specially prepared and concentrated through a sterile test tube agar that concentrates the healing factors within the platelets.”