This tool uses machine learning to animate 3D models on-the-fly, and it’s getting Unreal Engine support soon

  • November 12, 2022

I first encountered Anything World at the Game Developers Conference back in March, and I’d never seen anything quite like it. With the company’s software hooked into the Unity game engine, I could tell it what I wanted to see and it would do its best to make it happen. I told it to make me a donkey, and a donkey appeared on the screen and started trotting around.

My donkey trotted a little more like a horse than a donkey, but that little detail didn’t stop the software from leaving an impression. The animations had been created on the fly: Anything World’s software algorithmically decided where the creature’s bones should go and how it should behave. I later saw a similar demo from Meta (opens in new tab) that wasn’t as good: Mark Zuckerberg spoke and made some unmoving clouds appear, whereas Anything World’s software makes dolphins swim around like dolphins, which is a lot cooler.