This rhythm game just became one of Steam’s worst games of all time


It’s very rare for a game to be so dire that it earns a single-digit rating on Steam. It certainly happens, though, as proven by O2Jam Online (opens in new tab)‘s release last week. The rhythm game is currently sitting on a 4% rating, with only around 41 of its 1,000+ reviews recommending it.

It’s a pretty justifiable reception, too. The series has been largely dead for a while. It originally appeared as a PC game in the 2000s, with all of its public servers being closed down by 2012. Dedicated fans have been setting up private servers since then, and a mobile version attempted to revive the series some years later. So when the announcement for O2Jam Online came out of relatively nowhere, it was a pleasant surprise. My own friends were hyped to see classic rhythm games returning, and hopes were high.

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