This DIY kit gave my Steam Deck the early 2000s clear plastic aesthetic I crave


I’m a fiend for clear plastic electronics⁠—that trend in industrial design that once led to gorgeous designs like a Mountain Dew-green Xbox (opens in new tab), the iMac G3 (opens in new tab), and, of course, the absolute coolest GameBoy and N64 (opens in new tab) colorways. Tech design’s all in on glass and metal rectangles these days, so it’s up to the yeoman DIYer to keep the Y2K dream alive.

edge on view of top of translucent steam deck back

(Image credit: Future)

Enter peripherals manufacturer JSAUX and its custom kit for a translucent Steam Deck backplate (opens in new tab). The kit contains the shell itself, extra screws, options for different back paddle buttons (the stock backplate’s buttons are fused down), a screwdriver and pry tool (appreciated, but I’d recommend supplying your own), and, ahem, these cute little finger guards for when you’ve opened up your Deck and are handling its precious insides that, unfortunately, do resemble condoms.