The worst map in all of videogames is coming back

  • November 11, 2022

You know when you think something is truly, unquestionably bad and are surprised to learn that it’s actually pretty popular? For me that’s Shipment (opens in new tab), a Call of Duty map that I consider to be the worst FPS arena ever shipped for consumption. Activision announced this week the fan-favorite location is one of two new maps making its Modern Warfare 2 (opens in new tab) debut during Season 1.

To many, Shipment’s arrival in Modern Warfare 2 is cause for celebration. To others it’s a disappointing, yet unsurprising, return of a bad thing that some people inexplicably love. The tiny, square-shaped maze of shipping containers has a 15-year history beginning with the original Call of Duty 4. Back in 2007, its reputation was clear—I have distinct memories of sitting in quiet pre-game lobbies that’d suddenly erupt into overlapping curse words and outbursts of “come on” when Shipment was revealed as the next map in rotation. It was bad, but it was also memorable.

Since then, the map has reappeared in various forms across 10 CoD games. It has become tradition (at least for some of Activision’s CoD studios) to include Shipment in its map pool, even though by all forms of logic, it’s a terrible idea.

modern warfare 2 shipment

Modern Warfare 2’s iteration of Shipment will be dark and dreary, similar to my soul while playing it. (Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Shipment makes zero sense on paper: the total area is so cramped that it’s nearly impossible to spawn in a location where enemies aren’t already looking. Spawnkills are constant, survival feels random, and a lack of cover gives dominant killstreaks free rein to murder every living thing on the map. Shipment is the embodiment of all cliches about Call of Duty that non-players espouse against it—that it’s a brainless, low-effort meat grinder.

Shipment is the embodiment of all cliches about Call of Duty that non-players espouse against it.