The Pimax Portal is a Steam Deck and Quest 2 competitor all in one

  • November 10, 2022

Pimax is a brand known for making high-end VR headsets with massive fields of view (opens in new tab) and has just announced one of its most ambitious product releases yet. Usually Pimax sticks to VR headsets, but the new Pimax Portal (opens in new tab) seems to be some sort of portable Steam Deck (opens in new tab)-like machine, capable of AR, VR, and everything in between.

The Portal was shown off during Pimax’s Frontier 2022 presentation, and is being sold as the “world’s first metaverse entertainment system.” While many of us aren’t exactly sold on the metaverse (opens in new tab), the Portal does look like an interesting device. If it can achieve everything the company’s suggesting, it would certainly be a versatile gaming machine.