The internet archive has Palm Pilot apps now

  • November 27, 2022

Here’s what’s up, 90s rememberers: Palm OS is back, kind of. Thanks to the Internet Archive, you can now load up a suite of 569—and counting—apps (opens in new tab) from the golden age of the Personal Data Assistant. Though it’s only a soft-launch right now because many games are missing descriptions or manuals, the depth of what’s going on in here is incredible. It’s a catalogue of hundreds of apps and games I’d have figured were completely lost to the mists of time. I’d have thought wrong.

Alright, for everyone younger than 30 that is very confused by the prior paragraph, here’s the rundown: The Palm and Palmpilot were basically devices that were computers for your pocket—they called them Personal Data Assistants, or PDAs. They were smartphones before smartphones, or “the original smartphones” if you prefer, devices to run productivity apps and business organization for yourself.