The Crown Season 5 Opens With a Surprising Cameo By [Spoiler]


All is not well in Buckingham Palace, that’s for sure.

Claire’s season five cameo is not her first since wrapping her run as the long-reigning monarch in 2017. She previously reprised her royal in season four, episode eight, titled “48:1,” in which a 21-year-old Elizabeth makes a radio broadcast from South Africa. Claire won the Emmy award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for this cameo.

Imelda takes the crown, pun intended, from season three and four star Olivia Colman. And while the Harry Potter alum makes for an impressive third act in The Crown‘s tenure, Imelda hailed the production’s hair and makeup team for helping her with her notable transformation.

“Because of the design, the costume, the wig, the makeup,” she exclusively said to E! News, “you think, ‘They’ve all done the work, and I’m just inside it.’ And then, the work hopefully that I’ve done inside will serve what they’ve done on the outside.”