Spider-Man: Miles Morales will stop honking an air horn during its most emotional scenes


In a move we’ll all surely come to regret, the most recent update to Spider-Man: Miles Morales (opens in new tab) has ironed out one of the game’s funniest bugs. Now a new patch means the game will no longer randomly end its most tender and vulnerable moments with the sharp blast of an airhorn. More’s the pity.

The bug has been known about for a little while now, and you can see an example of it below (though beware some very mild spoilers). For whatever reason, it seems that the game was triggering some kind of airhorn.wav effect entirely at random. For some, like in the video below, it triggered at the end of dialogue sections, while others say it would blast at random times, as if Miles were being pursued everywhere by his own personal vuvuzela chorus.