Sophia Grace Shops for Baby Clothes and Shares Pregnancy Updates

  • November 27, 2022

Sophia has not yet chosen a name for her son. “I have had a few I’ve liked, but I’m still not sure,” she said, “and when I do know, I won’t be putting it out until the baby is born.”

Meanwhile, she is navigating the end of her second trimester of pregnancy, with nary a food craving. “Honestly, I have had none so far,” she told E! News. “If anything, I have had a loss of appetite. I am looking forward to March. It feels like it’s dragging on, but I’m almost there now.”

Sophia has been documenting her pregnancy and baby purchases on her YouTube channel. In a Nov. 26 video, she shared footage of herself browsing strollers inside Bababoom. 

“I haven’t received any gifts yet from anyone,” the influencer told E! News, “but I’m sure once I have had a baby shower, Rosie will buy something amazing, as she always gets me things I love.”