Sims 4 glitch that infected everyone with a hate plague set to be fixed in ‘early December’

  • November 19, 2022

Ever since an early October patch, a lot of people’s Sims have been real pieces of work, acting up and scrapping with each other like a bunch of alleycats even if they’ve got the trait sheet of a perfect little angel. There’s light at the end of the tunnel though: EA has stated via The Sims Direct Communications (opens in new tab) support account on Twitter that a fix is coming in “early December.”

We reported previously (opens in new tab) on the epidemic of real jerkoffs in the Sims⁠—it’s almost like something got introduced to the water supply in Simville (Simlandia? Simmistan? Do the Sims live in Sim City?) Characters with otherwise placid natures were at each other’s throats, and whole families were torn apart by this epidemic of moodiness and rude behavior.