Saints & Seducers Extended Cut makes Skyrim Anniversary Edition worthwhile at last

  • November 14, 2022

Skyrim Extended Cut is an in-progress mod that aims to remix Skyrim’s main questline, with promised inclusions (opens in new tab) like “expanded third act, Dragonborn DLC main quest integrated with Skyrim main quest, more characterization for Alduin & Miraak, more Thalmor involvement, Blades faction overhaul, more stuff to do in Blackreach, mostly new core cast, focus on player agency, guild and side quest completion impact on main quest”, and so on. It’s intended to make the storyline at the actual center of Skyrim worth engaging with, the whole dragons-and-shouting thing so many players ignore in favor of sidequests.

While work on the Extended Cut continues, a separate sub-team released an example of the kind of thing we can expect from it—only instead of the main quest, they’ve focused on one of the Creation Club add-ons bundled with Skyrim Anniversary Edition, Saints & Seducers. The biggest Creation in terms of stuff, it added quests, creatures, weapons, armor, and a tileset all referencing much-loved Oblivion expansion The Shivering Isles.