Saints Row November update will be ‘a beast’, Volition says

  • November 10, 2022

In its Autumn update last month, Saints Row developer Volition explained it was prioritizing fixes over new content for its rebooted open-world mayhem game. Though there have been a few hotfixes since its August release, the first big update is due later in November. On its patch hub (opens in new tab), Volition has given some more details about exactly what’s in the November update, saying it “includes over 200 fixes and quality of life updates, so it’s a beast!”

“You should see more pedestrians and police,” Volition says, as well as “More Saints roaming completed districts”. That would be a definite improvement as Santo Ileso wasn’t exactly bustling at launch, and if there aren’t many people on the streets there’s less likely to be havoc when you barrel through in a stolen police car. On the subject of cars, there will be “Loads of new ways to manage your incredible fleet of vehicles, including more slots to use and 7 new garage locations”.