Overwatch 2: How ranks work in competitive


Overwatch 2’s (opens in new tab) new ranks, skill tier divisions, and competitive mode rewards can be a lot to take in. The original Overwatch skill ratings are gone. Now, you have to play tons of games before you rank yourself among one of the many skill tier divisions. This new system puts the focus on improving and playing many matches over trying to perform your best in just one. Overwatch 2’s new rank system hides more information than the skill rating system, but it tries to me less discouraging in the long run.

Overwatch 2 has two ranked modes: Role Queue and Open Queue—both require winning 50 games or having owned the original game to unlock. Role queue locks your team composition to one tank hero, two damage heroes, and two support heroes. You select the roles you want to queue for, play matches, and get an individual rank for each role. Open Queue is a free-for-all like Overwatch at launch back in 2016. You can choose any hero in any role and receive one universal rank.