One of the biggest annual events in Lords Mobile is upon us

  • November 14, 2022

A now-legendary game series once began with the saying “War. War never changes.” It’s a poignant quote, speaking to the cyclical nature of war and humanity, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from epic feudal war strategy game Lords Mobile over the years, it’s that war is always changing. It has to, otherwise how are you going to keep tens of millions of players enraptured in its endless throne war?

A big part of why Lords Mobile has held the mobile strategy throne for so long is its evolution over the years, which has seen new features added like Dragon Arena (guild vs guild battles), Vergeway (tower defense game mode), Artifact system and many more. It had also hosted dozens of grand events in that time, with its latest one, The Ultimate Guild 2022, starting today and giving players three weeks to claim all kinds of regal prizes.

But before we get to that, what really is Lords Mobile? 

overworld map in lords mobile

(Image credit: IGG)

The premise is simple: you come into possession of a small feudal fiefdom, and with a mix of alliances, town management, and battles against other players, you expand that into a kingdom. Yes, if you’ve been watching a certain TV show about royal successions and conflict in a fantasy dragon-filled world (and are sad its first season is now over), then Lords Mobile is perfect for acting out your feudal fantasies.