Noblechairs blends its existing gaming chairs to create the new Legend

  • November 10, 2022

Noblechairs just hit us with some new additions to its line of gaming chairs. Combining the style of the Noblechairs Epic, with the shape of the Icon, and topping it off with the Hero’s built in lumbar support, the Noblechairs Legend is now available for purchase on the Noblechairs store (opens in new tab), from a whopping $639 (£420).

That’s the price of the least expensive of the three, the Noblechairs Legend TX Series. Up from that is the White Edition coming in at $669 (£450), and the Black Edition at $690 (£460). All of them are built around a super curvy, race-car inspired design and compared to some of the sharper looking designs of the past, these are really pushing the cozy look.

The Noblechair Legend gaming chair in a strangely lit room.

(Image credit: Noblechairs)

There are obvious improvements over the Hero currently sitting in our best gaming chairs (opens in new tab) guide, such as the reduction of those superfluous winged sides that really just served to make the thing bulkier and more awkward looking, in my opinion.