New weird Far Cry expansion alert: This one is about interdimensional aliens

  • November 29, 2022

The thing I’ve always found interesting about the Far Cry series is how the base games are always straightforward, “real world” shooters, but the post-release content invariably goes bonkers. Far Cry 3 set the standard with Blood Dragon (opens in new tab), which was standalone but nonetheless established a weird-ass baseline that continued through Far Cry 4 (Valley of the Yetis (opens in new tab)), Far Cry 5 (Lost on Mars (opens in new tab)), and now a new Far Cry 6 expansion called Lost Between Worlds (opens in new tab) that will send revolutionary hero Dani Rojas on a journey to a strange interdimensional realm in the company of a stranded alien.

The alien’s spacecraft has crashed on Earth, you see, and the alien—named Fai—apparently believes that Dani is responsible for bringing it down. Thus, she insists that Dani also help fix it. And since they’re both stuck in a twisted, un-Earthly version of Dani’s home of Yara until the repairs are made anyway, there’s no point in arguing.