Need For Speed Unbound’s wild visual effects are actually the best part


You’d be forgiven for just now learning that there’s a new Need For Speed coming out. I’d made a habit of forgetting about NFS over the last seven years of disappointing open world racing games, but this year’s Need For Speed Unbound is hard to miss—literally. Unbound’s unusual street art-inspired visuals drew attention when it was announced in October, with some fans hoping that, on release, they’d be able to turn off all those colorful effects (opens in new tab).

Well, you can, but after a few hours with Unbound I don’t think you should. The game looks incredible right out of the box, and the funky new art style is a big part of it. Watching my car react to bumps, turns, and speed boosts with comic-booky sparks, skid marks, and smoke trails is quickly becoming my favorite part of the game.