Moore Threads Chinese GPU benchmarked, beaten handily by RTX 3060

  • November 17, 2022

Chinese tech site Expreview has unleashed the first hands on with the Moore Threads MTT S80 GPU (opens in new tab). On paper, the new graphics chip looks well specified. But in these early benchmarks, performance is patchy to say the least. If you were hoping for a cut-price GPU to save us all from crazy graphics card prices, this isn’t it. And yet it is still intriguing.

The headline specs of the MTT S80 actually look promising. Manufactured on 7nm tech, it packs 4,096 so-called MUSA cores, 128 tensor cores and 16GB of GDDR6 running over a 256-bit. All told, it’s good for 14 TFLOPS of raw compute power. Heck, this is even the world’s first GPU with a PCI Express 5.0 interface.