Jack Antonoff Gives Honest Thoughts on More Concert Issues

  • November 18, 2022

Jack Antonoff wants the concert experience to get better.

In the wake of the ticketing debacle surrounding Taylor Swift‘s The Eras Tour, Jack Antonoff had some suggestions on how to better serve the artists and fans—rather than their corporate wallets. 

The Bleachers frontman—who frequently collaborates with Taylor—had ideas for how to improve the concert industry, which he shared on Twitter on Nov. 18. 

“While we are having the discussion can venues simply stop taxing merch of artists,” he wrote. “This is literally the only way you make money when you start out touring.”

“The more we make it tenable for young and small artists to make a living on the road the more great music we will get,” he continued. “Touring is one of the most honest ways to make a living. Some of the hardest and most heartfelt work you can do. So why must f–k artist so hard?”

But the “We Are Young” singer has some idea of how to fix things in the music and ticketing industries.