I’ve already seen far too much of The Callisto Protocol’s grisly death animations


Now that I’ve started to serve myself up as a snack for The Callisto Protocol (opens in new tab)‘s gruesome mutants, I better understand why the team is putting together more death animations (opens in new tab). If you’re as prone to getting your head, jaw or arms ripped off as I seem to be, you’re going to be seeing a lot of these brutal scenes, and variety is the spice of life. And death. 

Despite the presence of guns and gauntlets that give you telekinetic-adjacent powers, The Callisto Protocol is very much a close combat deal, and in one-on-one fights this is fine. Fights are slow and deliberate, with each strike hitting like a truck—you can almost feel the heft of your weapon as you bring it down on the skull of a ravenous monster. Every encounter feels like the final slugfest in a long, drawn-out brawl, where you’re exhausted but still able to summon the last of your strength for one last barrage of attacks. 

(Image credit: Krafton)

The result, initially, is that each explosion of violence is fraught with tension and a sense that this might be the last one before you finally pop your clogs. And often that will be true, as you can only take a few hits before you get torn apart. Even the weakest mutants can take a pounding, so you’ve also got to dodge and block when they retaliate, which is simple enough but also a bit inconsistent.