Hilaria Baldwin Admits She Used to Judge Couples With Big Age Gaps


Alec & Hilaria Baldwin EXPECTING Baby No. 7

Hilaria Baldwin has had a change of heart. 

Before marrying husband Alec Baldwin in 2012, “I used to judge women and men that had big age differences,” the 38-year-old, whose husband is 26 years her senior, said on the Nov. 7 episode of her Witches Anonymous podcast. “This older man wants some young bimbo with no opinions whatsoever, and that younger woman is obviously a gold digger, and she obviously doesn’t even care and is just like ‘ok whatever I hope you die and I’m going to take all your money.'”

But 10 years into their marriage—and seven kids later—she certainly has a new outlook.
“Now that I’m in that relationship and people will say those things about me regularly, I realize oh my God, why was this trained into my head,” she continued. “Why was I so judgmental about other people who are literally just finding love? Maybe that love looks different from your love or from what I thought love might be but it doesn’t make it not valid.”