Fortnite crossover gives a taste of open world Rocket League—something Psyonix once considered

  • November 22, 2022

I’m going to wax slightly lyrical here but Rocket League is one of those games I can’t imagine existing in any other form. Yes it’s now accumulated many years’ worth of cruft around it but developer Psyonix has never messed with that near-perfect core experience. Psyonix is now owned by Epic which has seen plenty of crossover between the game and Fortnite, but the latest stirs a dim memory of what could have been: one of the roads that these battle cars never traveled.

A new update adds the Octane, Rocket League’s most recognisable car, to various Fortnite modes excluding competitive. You can hop into Octane and it behaves more-or-less as any Rocket League fan might expect: double jumps, boosts, wall-running, and dodging around, it’s like playing one game in another.