Even for Apple $3,000 is a lot to charge for what’s looking a like some pretty standard VR


Here comes Apple, poised to charge us an arm and a leg for its own contribution to the VR headset space. Of course this company has the gall to charge $3,000 for a mixed-reality headset (opens in new tab) that, by the looks of things, isn’t going to be able to handle modern gaming at all.

An exclusive Bloomberg (opens in new tab) article has gone into great depths about how the as yet unannounced Apple headset actually works (via Digital Trends (opens in new tab)). In it, we’re told that the headset will offer two ultra-high-resolution displays (which could mean anything), a pass-through mode so you can see your surroundings through “several external cameras” (specific), and something called a “digital crown” so you can switch between VR and AR mode. You mean, a knob? It’s called a knob, Apple.