European Union official swamped by console warriors after joking about Call of Duty exclusivity

  • November 12, 2022

As the European Union investigates Microsoft’s historic $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard (opens in new tab), Ricardo Cardoso, Deputy Head of Unit Interinstitutional & Outreach at the EU Department of Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, & SMEs (now that’s a mouthful!) accidentally stepped in it: he made himself a participant in the oldest conflict in human history, the console wars. Although he made a public comment on the process, Ricardo Cardoso himself is not involved with the process of approving the merger.

On November 8, the EU’s Directorate-General on Competition (we gotta figure out these names, guys) tweeted (opens in new tab) the announcement of its in-depth investigation of Microsoft’s merger with ActiBlizz, a corporate consolidation unprecedented for its size in the gaming industry. That already seemed to get some Xbox Sardaukar on Twitter hot under the collar, but then Cardoso, an EU official who is not part of the DG on Competition, made a playful tweet (opens in new tab) commenting on the announcement.