Elon Musk reportedly laid off everyone who ran Twitter’s million-follower gaming account, and now it’s gone silent

  • November 11, 2022

Remember Twitter Gaming (opens in new tab)? The official Twitter account debuted at the beginning of 2016 as part of an effort to “support the avid gaming community and help the top gaming organizations and personalities deliver high quality content to and engage with their fans on Twitter.” But now, amidst the chaos and hilarity of the first two weeks of Elon Musk’s one-man rule, it appears to be gone for good.

The Twitter Gaming account hasn’t tweeted since November 3, one day before Musk cut the company’s workforce in half. The layoffs affected a wide range of teams at the company, according to a Reuters (opens in new tab) report, including communications, content curation, human rights, and ethics. Some product and engineering teams were also impacted by the cuts. Shiraz Siddiqui, formerly the senior social lead for Twitter Gaming, confirmed that he’d been let go last week as part of those layoffs:

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