Disco Elysium’s elevator pitch: ‘the greatest fantasy setting ever conceived’

  • November 23, 2022

There is some horrible stuff going on around Disco Elysium at the moment: in fact, the legal side of things is getting more complex than the game itself. In which context, it’s good to remember that underneath the drama is arguably one of the best PC game of all time. As the creators have discussed before, the game grew out of a fantasy universe created by Robert Kurvitz around two decades ago and, to celebrate the eighth anniversary of pitching the thing, writer Martin Luiga shared the initial pitch that got it off the ground.

The setting “began as a try to make a more Epic version of a bootleg Finnish D&D system while Robert [Kurvitz] was still a teen,” writes Luiga, “and at first, it was called ‘Evermier’.  […] Most of the engagement was about system-building. The wizard book was supposed to have 350 spells altogether, each with at least half a page story about the spell, in prose.” The name change to ‘Elysium’ happened after it was “suggested to Robert by some fellow on the dragon.ee D&D and LARP forum” though it took a while before Kurvitz came round to it.