Devs are admitting their ‘sins’ on Twitter, and there sure are a lot who hid Loss in games

  • November 21, 2022

While Twitter users joke about the social media platform being on the brink of death and deletion thanks to Elon Musk’s mismanagement, game developers have used this opportunity to stage a final confession, an absolution of all their design sins. It began with a senior character artist working on Overwatch (opens in new tab) admitting he hid “abstracted versions of Loss in older projects”, and continued from there.

Other developers confessed to similar Loss-related crimes against videogames. For anyone who has remained blessedly ignorant of the Loss meme until now, it began when middling videogame-themed webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del took an unexpected turn for the dramatic with a strip depicting miscarriage. The attempt to add emotional heft to a gamers-on-a-couch gag strip was so mockable that chronically online people torment each other with minimalist-yet-recognizable interpretations of its four panels (opens in new tab) to this day.