D&D has a new inclusion review process to prevent another Spelljammer incident

  • November 13, 2022

Wizards of the Coast has announced changes to the review process for future Dungeons & Dragons publications as well as reprints in response to “the problematic content that appeared in Spelljammer: Adventures in Space” in a blog post on D&D Beyond (opens in new tab).

The publisher previously apologized for and removed a description of Spelljammer’s flying monkey-people the hadozee that was criticized for its similarity to racist stereotypes of Black people. In the blog post, D&D’s senior story designer Christopher Perkins writes that, “The first printing of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space included two pieces of content that fans correctly flagged as offensive. The first is an illustration of a hadozee bard that resembles offensive minstrelsy materials and other racist depictions of Black people. The second is a paragraph about hadozees that reinforces harmful real-world stereotypes. Future reprints will omit both the illustration and the offensive text, neither of which had been reviewed by cultural experts.”