Competitive Farming Simulator is like an agriculture Grand Prix

  • November 28, 2022

Throw a spoiler and a sick flame decal on the leisurely pastoral work of most farm sims and you get Farming Simulator League, an esport where rural machinery roars to life and torpedoes across barnyards to deliver bales of hay while a timer trickles to its final seconds. These hulking, heavy-duty vehicles aren’t quite the slick hunks of steel you see in racing games, but they’re still capable of barrelling across tight bridges, performing tightly calibrated powerslides, and executing elegant slam dunks of said hay bales right into the top floor of their sheds.

The latest season of Farming Simulator League has seen teams harvesting swathes of golden crops while steering their chonky vehicles with the sort of finesse you’d expect to see in a Grand Prix. The agricultural esport has also seen major brands like Trelleborg, Corteva, and Bednar sponsor events and enter teams of their own, such as two-time defending champs Team Trelleborg. The league has taken off in Europe (opens in new tab), with live tournaments taking place around the continent, and this season’s World Championship just concluding over the weekend from November 19 to 20. And after a nail-biting five-match showdown with French team New Holland (formerly known as The Fermiers Flamboyants), a team that threatened their dominance in the series of six online tournaments leading up to the World Championship, Team Trelleborg eventually emerged as the season’s champion, walking away with €20,000 in prize money.