Check out the unique look of Fallout-inspired RPG Space Wreck

  • November 26, 2022

I love that we’re at a point in gaming technology where I can look at a jaggy pixelated line and know with absolute certainty that it’s jaggy because the creators wanted it to be. It is purposeful pixelation, and upcoming isometric RPG Space Wreck is rife with it, combining a comic artist’s eye for composition and lines with a sense of animation that suits its inspirations: Classic western isometric RPGs like Fallout and Arcanum. It’s set to launch on December 5, 2022.

Space Wreck is set in a collapsed space society where your ship has been stranded among a debris-strewn junkyard with both other castaways and the people who live there. It’s set on the fundamentals of classic isometric RPG design, including the option of non-violent resolution and wildly differing paths based on your character’s statistics and skills.