A No Man’s Sky standalone app lets you create bases and import them into the game

  • November 25, 2022

Here’s modding magic for you: A standalone app that allows No Man’s Sky (opens in new tab) players to design large bases, then use a save editor to put them in the game. Dedicated base-builders will find it not just a simpler, but faster, way to make impressive constructions than using the array of tricks and exploits that players use in-game to easily make big stuff.

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Modder Charlie Banks, aka DjMonkeyUK, posted the mod to Twitter and Nexus Mods (opens in new tab) , noting that the tool is very much a work in progress. “There are some missing things compared to the Blender add-on. So bear with any potential bugs and missing things compared to Blender,” he said. Nonetheless, playing around with the app is surprisingly simple, even for me—an pretty inexperienced 3D modeler.