A Britney Spears Musical Is Coming to Broadway in 2023


We’re not playing with your heart. 

Once Upon a One More Time, the new jukebox musical set to Britney Spears‘ iconic catalogue is officially heading to Broadway next year. The musical fairy tale story follows a group of classic fairy tale figures who realize that maybe they haven’t reached their happily ever after, after all.

“Every fortnight, when our storybook heroines gather for book club, they always discuss the same book, Grimm’s Fairy Tales—because as far as they know, it’s the only book that’s ever been written,” the show’s website reads.” That’s when a rogue fairy godmother drops The Feminine Mystique into their corseted laps. From now on, ‘happily ever after’ will never be the same. It’s the ultimate revisionist fairy tale that’ll make you feel stronger than yesterday.”

For those who are saying gimme more details, the show’s official Instagram account, announced on Dec. 2 that the show will kick off in the spring—previews begin May 13—at the Marquis Theatre with tickets going on sale starting December 5th.